The End?

When I was a teenager I cut my ankle while shaving my legs.  It was a cut right above where the ankle bone protrudes out.  I remember there was a lot of blood.  Just thinking about it is causing my leg to tense up.


I do not like that WordPress has started putting ads onto my posts.  I have to pay $3/month to get them removed.  I am sorry that you have to see stupid ads.


Writing on a blog started as a way for me to keep people updated on my health status when I was going through chemo.  Yesterday I met with Dr. Jonas.  I meet with him every three months.  I do blood tests.  He asks me standard questions.  He checks my body for normal lymph node sizes.

Yesterday I waited more than an hour for him to see me.  He had a very bad leg injury about 6 months ago, had to take some time off, and is now spending extra time with each patient to make sure he didn’t miss anything while gone.  Dr. Jonas cares a lot about his patients and I am thankful he was my doctor.  I asked him if I can go to just coming in every 6 months.  He said, it was not normal, but as long as I continue to do my bloodwork every three months, it is OK.

Thanks for following my health updates.


Then the writing became “Bearing Fruit”, my effort to stay focused on God, my effort to manage divorce, my love or writing…all satisfied.

Life is on to a new phase.  I am mostly happy.  I have new tools for managing my emotions.  Some new people in my life, others phasing out.  Relationship change is NOT easy for me when it means disconnecting a rope thread by painful thread.


Earlier this week I was shaving my legs.  Instinctively, 35 years later, I still go tentatively over that spot above my ankle bone where I cut myself so many years ago.

Wounds heal but many are never forgotten.  Perhaps there is a visible scar.  Perhaps there is a numbness or a sensitivity.  Perhaps there is just a memory.

Being in a relationship and marriage with someone from age 18-46 is meaningful.  I don’t understand.  I don’t like it.  But somehow….all things in the universe are unfolding.


I probably won’t write again until I get this ad thing figured out.  I don’t want to be extorted to pay to get rid of the ads.  Yet, I thank WordPress for providing this venue on which I have been able to write and connect.  It’s a next phase.

I am happy.

Guy #3 asked me to be his girlfriend on May 4th.  He likes to sway to music.  He asks me about my night dreams.  He speaks my Jesus language.