Starting Over

Have you ever spent a lot of time on something, only to discover you needed to stop and start all over?

Maybe it was a complicated piece of IKEA furniture.

I’ve done that!  I got 3/4s of the way into assembling a desk for my mom (complete with pull out keyboard tray, multiple drawers, and a filing system) before I realized it REALLY did matter which hole that unique screw went in to back at step 2 of 67.  I had to take it all apart and start over.  Coincidentally, that was the piece of IKEA furniture I stubbornly put together myself because I was angry at John for some reason.

Recently I assembled a TV stand from IKEA.  At the beginning of the instructions was this picture.


Thanks IKEA.  Now you tell me!!!

Maybe it was a relationship, a house, a job, a craft project, a marriage, a road trip, a book, a homework assignment, the parenting of a child….I think we all had to start over on something.  What was it for you?


Four years ago I said I would only run if one of my children’s life was in danger.

Three years ago I trained and completed a half marathon.

Two years ago I went through chemotherapy for aggressive lymphoma.

One year ago I signed off on the final paperwork for my divorce.

And this year….I………starting…..alllllllll……over.

I am into my second week of base training for the Folsom Breakout Blues half marathon. On October 22nd I will again be running with friends from Faith Presbyterian Church.

Back at the very beginning, I struggle to run two minutes without huffing and puffing.  Back that the beginning, I’ve regained the 20 pounds I lost during cancer, which doesn’t help the running efforts.  Back at the beginning, a half marathon finish line seems impossible.

Why????!  Why can’t I start where I left off three years ago?  Why do I have to go back to the beginning?

Why?  That is what I shall be wondering and exploring as I continue to write about life, love, grace, shame, anger, loneliness, blessings, and God.

I pray as I write I display some of the fruits of God’s spirit….not to show off anything of achievement on my part…but to show off God’s glory.

And I hope you will all join.  Write your own thoughts.  I am open to all thoughts and perspectives except any which disparage others.  Please write and share and let your fruit shine and ripen and become the seed of something new and wonderful!

Welcome and LOVE to you all.




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