The last post ended with “why?”.

I’m not sure why I set the goal of running another half marathon.  I’m not sure why I want to be in a dedicated relationship.

Well….not sure I have the answers, but this is just a “good news” post.

Half Marathon:

I am about a month out from the half marathon.  This past Saturday the training run was 8 miles.  It was the most amazing run.  I maintained a strong pace the whole time.  I didn’t have any pain during or after.  I loved it!  Who knew?  I loved it.


I had a date with Man #3 on Saturday.  We had dinner and watched the movie “Wind River.”  (I recommend this movie.  It is not a happy story.  Jeremy Renner is a great actor, the characters were well developed, and there was one scene that made the movie for me.  In that scene one character is sharing with another how to deal with deep loss and sadness.  He nails it.  He points out that you HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT.  You cannot pacify or ignore or appease grief.  I mean…you CAN…but if you do, it will potentially magnify.)

We are restarting things.  We are trying to be friends even though there is a sense of something stronger.  It was a very good date. I loved it!  Who knew?  I loved it.


For those of you who read just to make sure I am OK….thank you.  Saturday was a very good day.


I love you all soooooo much!