The Necessity of the Ground

“God, what is it that you want me to let go of this Lent? Is it other than what I think?”

That is the question at the end of today’s devotion reading.


Divine intervention, indeed Alice. 🙂


When you start a plant, you first put the seed into the ground, away from all light.


From another daily devotion book I read:

“After Jesus’ baptism, the same Spirit who descended like a dove as God proclaims Jesus beloved immediately drives him to the wilderness to be tempted and tested. … The barrenness and void of Jesus’ sojourn in the desert and of the desert times in our lives make us humble and compel us to be “all in” for God. … Few of us experience the vulnerability of living in a physical desert, but our desert times require the same humility and willingness to initiate the kingdom of heaven on earth.”


Maybe a seed HAS to be in the dark for some reason.

My dear friend Janet left me a beautiful gift a few weeks ago. It was a large glass jar, with marbles, water, and tulip bulbs. I looked upon those bulbs as they grew and soon they began to show signs of wonderful pink and white blooms.

A few days later I returned to my bulbs and a couple were molded and none of the tulips actually produced a good flower. They were wilted, decrepit, and wasted. Is there something about the dark underground that prepares the seeds of plants for the world into which they are to break? Did my bulbs need some darkness?

Did Jesus have to go through the desert before he went into his ministry?

Is this period of sadness and frustration helping me to blossom into a beautiful flower?


We all…all…all have our seasons and darkness. Whatever or whenever yours hits you…you are not alone.

Off to sleep…it was an incredibly emotional day and once again, I am spent.

Love to you all.

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