The Flow of Love


fullsizeoutput_2“Scientists have discovered a new piece of human anatomy we never knew we had—a layer of connective tissue that exists all over the body. It sits below the skin’s surface, lining the digestive tract, the lungs, and even our blood vessels. Researchers say it could be the missing link the medical community needs to move forward in a number of areas of research, including cancer and autoimmune disease.”

That’s part of a Science Friday episode – I’ve listened to this report twice today and it confounds me.  I sense there is something BIG being discovered.

You can read and listen here.

This connective tissue is like a freeway of conductivity through the body.


Three years ago I was ….Wow….three years ago….I was on the brink of realizing I had lymphoma.  I was also on the brink of the flow of love.


Love is infinite.  It is not scarce.  

Love is infinite.  My ability to love does not depend on love being returned back to me.


This newly discovered connective tissue of the human body raises more questions than it answers.  The universe is amazing.  The more we learn, the more we realize we do not understand.

This newly discovered connective tissue may explain how cancers metastasize.  It may explain the precision of acupuncture points.


Here is a thing about science, it’s only as good as the scrutiny it has endured.  Scientists are on the edge of their seats, chomping at the bit, to start figuring out this newly discovered connective tissue.  They will develop hypothesises as the basis for experiments.  The Scientific Process:



Three years ago I had a theory that I could love infinitely, without fear of scarcity, without the need for reciprocity.  That theory is being tested.

Is there enough love to share with multiple people or is there a limit to how many people I can love at one moment?  I’m pretty sure I can love a LOT of people.  But turn the tables.  Do I believe my friend or lover has enough love for 10 friends and STILL have enough for me?  Is love finite or  infinite?

Can I love when it seems like I am not loved in return?  Can I love when it seems like I am not loved in return?  God, the universe, people…Can I love when it seems like I am not loved in return?

Yes….I can.  I can because I know how God loves me.  I know because I heard a tiny voice once tell me (a story for another time)…the tiny voice told me, “I love you and I have always loved you.”  Yes, I can love infinitely because I know God can love infinitely.  God loved me and sought me many years when I was turned in a different direction.  God loves me even though I spend so much of my time looking for love in ….well, it reminds me of this song….God loves me even though I might keep looking for love in all the wrong places and faces.