“He was what I am”
Dandelion puff weed, naked
It is delicate and a weed. It starts out pretty and bright yellow. Then it becomes a light, white, fragile puff ball. The wind blows it and it is scattered, apparently ruined. And yet the seeds spread far and wide and before you know it the yellow flowers are all over. And yet it is a weed.
Immortal diamond…you cannot kill it.
As a young person, I was pretty and sweet. And then in the latter part of the fourth decade I became fragile and ugly and naked and stripped to nothing. Until the day I was naked and cried out to God. And then, that which was always there, was so clear to me. To love in humility. To trust God has me covered and taken care of. To risk failure and defeat and hurt over and over and over again. To know that I am loved.

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