A Prophet

Today I attended the memorial service of a friend who helped save my life.


This morning’s reading (Day 25 of Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge) was “A Prophetic Voice”.

I wish that all the Lord’s people were prophets. – Numbers 11:29

The author describes what it means to be a prophet, informing another person’s life.

“…The right word spoken at the right time can make an eternal difference….You may not see yourself as a prophet, but you are one.  You’re a prophet to your friends….At critical junctures in my life, God has sent prophets across my path.  They were ordinary people (the author lists people)...God used them to speak the right word at the right time.  God gets all the glory for everything He does in us and through us, but there are people along the way who get some credit as well.”


My friend was a prophet to me.

I had not very much noticed this man in my church.  He blended in with the other white haired, handsome, sort of serious, unexpectedly quiet men in church.

I was surprised to learn that he was a regular follower of my Caring Bridge writing during the time I had cancer.  He never stopped following my writing and is one of a few people who have subscribed to my posts here on Bearing Fruit (thank you who read what I write….you, like him, encourage me.)

Many times he would tell me how much he loved my writing.  He would wonder aloud how I wrote as I did.  I would always know to thank God for the gift of being able to put my thoughts into words.  And I would always thank him for reading.

Little did he know that his words of encouragement gave me the ability to write for my own healing.  Writing on Caring Bridge served a purpose of having a central place to give updates about my health so that I did not need to reiterate my situation 25 times.  Writing has been a way for me to process life events and feelings and hopes and dreams.  Writing is a way for me to keep a history of things.

This man, as was testified to by many at his memorial, had an amazing ability to pray.  I didn’t know how and how much he prayed until I heard our pastor describe his prayer practice at the memorial today.

I know he prayed for the healing of my health and my marriage.

And so I say with confidence, this man helped to save my life.


“Prayer isn’t just the way we cultivate our own potential; it’s the way we recognize potential in others too.  Like Paul, who saw gifts in Timothy that Timothy couldn’t see in himself, we, through prayer, are enabled to see with prophetic eyes.  We are given supernatural insight.  Then we’re prepared to speak with prophetic boldness into the lives God places in our path.”

It is no coincidence that this man was a dedicated pray-er and a beautiful prophet.  Praying (and there are many DIFFERENT ways to pray) opens our eyes and minds and hearts.

Who are the prophets in your life?  Who has seen you in a way that moved you forward that was bold and unexpected and “right on”?

To whom are you a prophet?  Who do you see and what do you see and can you speak what you see?

7 thoughts on “A Prophet

  1. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to We Know Who, Maria. He was such a lover of God, Life, and people. And oh so humble! He once asked me to help get some of his old VHS tapes onto DVD. I was expecting boring sequences of nature walks, conversations with friends. Yet here is footage of him out on the ice of Antarctica—-mingling dangerously with and marveling at penguins and polar bears! Thank you God for sharing this wonderful man with us. And thank you Maria for your beautiful spiritual perspectives on him and tributes to him. Love you!

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  2. I will never forget being afraid to go to the Friday lunch and you saying, “Jesus never said it would be easy, but that it would be right.” Or something close to that, and you were my profit sweet one, and you continue to be. Iinthibk ifnthwt every Friday now. I’m grateful.
    I am sorry you had to say goodbye to one of yours

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