Faithfulness – Preface

A fruit of the spirit is faithfulness.

Faithfulness:  The quality of being faithful.

Faithful:  Loyal, constant, steadfast.


Three years ago I was getting ready to go into my last of 6 rounds of chemo for lymphoma.  Every round required me to stay in the hospital for five days while I received round the clock chemicals into my veins.

My story is just my story.



“Because what non-believers fail to understand is that calling a dream “crazy” is not an insult, it’s a compliment.”

“So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy.  Ask if they are crazy enough.”

-quote from recent Nike commercial, as recited by Colin Kaepernick


It’s been almost a month since I started my daily dose of Lexapro.  It is serving its purpose.  I have been emotionally flat.  My mind is very little distracted by deep, dark rabbit holes of persistent thoughts of despair.

However, side effect, I’m not inclined to write.  I wondered if the medication is causing a damper on the creative part of my brain.

Today on my run I thought of it this way….the medication is relieving me of despair.  That is what writing does…it relieves me of despair.  So since the medication is helping with that, I don’t need to go to writing….for now.

So many great artists, musicians, athletes, etc, struggle with despair.  Perhaps their excellence is a coping mechanism.

I have a wonderful post to make about FAITHFULNESS.  I see this fruit of the spirit budding in some vibrant ways in my life right now.  I’m just not in a mood to put it into words.

But I didn’t want you all to forget about me…so I’m posting tonight.

Thanks for hanging in with me.  I love you!


4 thoughts on “Faithfulness – Preface

  1. Sometimes we need medication to protect us from the harsh onslaught of emotions (even the good ones) that hit us so hard. My experience can tell you that you will know when you want to chuck the meds and rely on your own resources, God’s help, Christ’s understanding and knowing you. I really believe that God gives us meds and is very real and Present as we take them. I like to visualize Christ holding us close in His arms and shielding us when the emotional struggle is harder than we can handle on our own. Medication can be a Holy gift, not a crutch.


  2. So glad to hear that the medication is working for you. You are a beautiful human being. I love you and always think about you.


  3. Forget about you, oh never! Thank you for the update and continued honest sharing. The words will come when they need to come. Your spirit is ever present with me. Sending my love and gratitude for YOU.


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