Gentle Yoga

A fruit of the spirit is gentleness.


I love this word – Gentleness.


I pray as I write I display some of the fruits of God’s spirit….not to show off anything of achievement on my part…but to show off God’s glory.

And I hope you will all join.  Write your own thoughts.  I am open to all thoughts and perspectives except any which disparage others.  Please write and share and let your fruit shine and ripen and become the seed of something new and wonderful!

—-I started this blog site July 1, 2017…and that was part of what I wrote on that day.


Like last year, I have been training for a half marathon.  The race is a next Sunday, the 21st.


The first time I met him, he wore a bracelet that said “gentleness.”


Running is not the favored activity of my body.  In fact, I’m pretty sure my body was not created to run.  And yet, I choose to run a half marathon for the third time.

Running is not gentle on my body.  I have had an ailment that can irritate me all day after a run.

I am extremely gentle with myself.  I don’t push myself too hard on my runs.  The ailment keeps me from pushing myself too hard.  I know if I push myself too hard I may cause an injury that will stop my running in its tracks.

I do a lot of stretching after my runs, especially stretching the interior booty muscles.  I’ve talked with my doctor about the ailment and she prescribed help, advised on future possible interventions, and encouraged me along the way.  I sit in hot tubs and get plenty of rest.

Still, there are times when I am not gentle with my body….like this Thursday morning.



Sunday mornings I attend a gentle yoga class.  This morning I listened to my instructor’s words carefully. She emphasized that this class would be gentle and we were to go slowly, at our own pace, never pushing things too harshly.

It is a 70 minute class where we methodically, slowly, and gently stretch our limbs to loosen and lubricate our joints.


While I have been dedicated to my training, I have not spent any time on the other part of the half marathon.

Each time I have run this race it has been to support World Vision’s efforts to serve families in Ethiopia.  I am running with a team from church.  Here are some of us on this year’s team.


Here is my first and last ditch effort to raise some funds for World Vision.

Would you consider sponsoring me $1/mile…that is $13.  You can do so on the link below…or you can let me know directly.  I will send the $13 to World Vision  for you so you don’t need to wrestle with their web site.  Just give me $13 the next time you see me.

Check out my fundraising page here……


Ok, more on gentleness on my next post.

Love you all!


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