The Last One

It’s been a bit of a bumpy week.

I vented to Lil Sis yesterday.

She was born a year and 3/4 after me.

When she was in a crib I played the harmonica for her.

When she teased me I punched her in the nose.

When I was a timid high school girl I clung to her…she was so much more vibrant than I.

We fought horribly for a while and I diverged from her.

and still…………………..she is my rock.

I know I will never be alone.  If some day it seems like I am, I will go sleep on her couch.  And my bro-in-law takes such good care of me too.

I had a bumpy week.

“What is the last thing on this list of fruits of the spirit?” I wondered.


…..ah yes, I have things to write on this one.  I have things to think about.

I woke up after yet another night of disturbing dreams.  I have had them every night this week.

I woke up and got an email my from cousin with an invitation….an amazing invitation for 2020.

Goodness…what will my life be like in 2020?  I have no idea.

And then, YouTube teased me with a link to this video.  A song I had not yet heard.  A song by the artist Jenny pointed me to, many years ago…years before the three D’s….years when I thought life was so different than I think it is now.

Thank you God for Lil Sis (and bro-in-law and sweet boy and remarkable girl).

Thank you God for music and poetry that gives life to our souls.

Thank you God for sunrises, which always come each morning, whether we see them or not.

Thank you for my favorite weekend of the year!!!  Wooo Hooooooo….an extra hour!…OK, maybe that wasn’t God’s doing as much as some man’s decision…but friendly reminder…turn your clocks back an hour tonight.

Thank you God for darkness.

Thank you God for your son, Jesus, who loved and loves and is love.

2 thoughts on “The Last One

  1. We love you! Once, Little D played a harmonica in the crib for his sister, and I thought of you! I don’t think I got a picture, but maybe I’ll make them recreate it someday. I’ll always remember. I hope they always stick by each other like we do. I count on you too in so many ways.


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