Did You Ever Notice?

Did you ever notice that men are like missing socks?


Here is my current stack of single socks.  It’s a relatively small stack.

That white one with the pink ribbon has served enough time.  I have held on to that single sock for about 9 years.  I keep thinking its mate is going to show up.

I hesitate to throw it out because I am sure once I throw it out and the garbage man comes to take it away, the matching sock will appear and I will have thrown the sock out too soon.


Did you ever notice that men are like missing socks?


Ehh, neither have I.



Did you ever notice you hold on to missing socks like you hold on to a hope?

….. yep …. me too.

Alas, I need to let this sock go.  It’s been sitting in my drawer for too long and it’s time to clean house.

4 thoughts on “Did You Ever Notice?

  1. Dearest Maria—Letting go of things to which we have become attached is a very, very hard thing to do. In Christian circles, the phrase “Let go and let God” sounds so noble and freeing. Though it may be the right thing to do and the best for our souls and hearts in the long-run, I think it is extremely hard. And we cannot do it by ourselves. So as you toss that sock into the trash, please ask Jesus to hold onto your precious heart as you do so. Ask Him to understand what this means to you and to fill the emptiness of not just the missing sock but now the whole pair with His unconditional Love and Peace. God bless you, precious friend!


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